What we convert

Are list is continuously expanding of what we can convert and if we get footage that is deemed important we look at purchasing extra equipment to save the media. We are also always on the look-out for equipment so if you have old equipment sitting around working or not send us an e-mail ideally we are after studio quality gear. we are looking ideally for old home footage and recordings of New Zealand and major events, video and audio. even better if you have the backstory of where and when and any more information that we will keep along with the footage.


8mm, super 8, 16mm We are desperately looking for more digitisers


Laser Disk


Betacam & betacam sp

Cassete tape

Reel to reel tape

Mini Disk

Mini DV tape


Mini VHS

Flash storage (all old format cards as well)

HDD (all form factors)


Film negatives and slides

We can convert from PAL SECAM and NTSC PAL-M in most formats.