How you can help

There are 5 main ways you help:

  1. Donations we are always looking for new film to digitize.
  2. Monetary donations, which go direct to purchasing film and equipment.
  3. Equipment donations due to space and cost of shipping we are normally only after studio quality equipment but in rare formats we will take all devices, please email us what you have.
  4. Time is one of the main things we are after, digitizers to sit in are studio to help digitize film
  5. Fancy yourself a historian after we have digitized the film, the hard work starts tracking down all the info in the film this can be done from anywhere in the world. We will put the video up online on a secure link, and you can go through and find all info on the film, and we will upload all the meta data with the film when we put it online for the general public to see.

Want to help or donate, visit our contact page